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Raven Crow

I am an imaginative, creative, people-oriented connector, a "gatekeeper" who brings together all that is needed.

I am a loyal supporter with a history of recognizing, aligning, and engaging individuals in cultural, socioeconomic, racial, and ethnically diverse business, social, and community environments. 

I am a shamanic practitioner and Mesa carrier whose life story reflects the diversity of our ecosystem. We are not made from or designed to fit into a specific ideal, so I encourage all to live into the limitlessness of our existence here and now. 

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Turning it all into purpose.

I am a gender non-conforming, queer, interracial orphan. I only now understand the complex consequences of what is called "relinquishment" trauma and can finally explore and unravel the effects of being separated from my lineage as an infant.

My unique life experiences and struggles for worthiness, acceptance, and opportunity have graced me with an empathetic and non-binary lens that helps me make space for myself, my family, and community members in need. I aspire to move from what is to what if - through daily shamanic practice, writing, weaving, and Circle-keeping. 
I look to the earth.

There is so much abundance, diversity, and beauty. Much to learn from our elders: the earth, plants, animals, and the entire ecosystem of which we are a part - these teachers are much older and wiser than any modern-day "experts."

Gathering all the pieces. 
When I look inward, I question all my formed beliefs while staying curious about you—ultimately making space for both as we navigate this mystery.
A creator.

I live alongside courageous and authentic people and have gathered many gifts while surviving the most toxic environments. I believe that creation emerges from destruction; the only thing we can truly rely on is change. 

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