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Raven Crow

Personally and professionally, I am an imaginative, creative, people-oriented connector, a "gatekeeper" who brings together all that is needed.

I am a loyal supporter with a demonstrated history of recognizing, aligning, and engaging individuals in cultural, socioeconomic, racially, and ethnically diverse business, social, and community environments. 

I am a skillful shamanic practitioner whose story mirrors the diversity of our ecosystem. And I believe that we are not made from or designed to fit into a specific ideal, so I encourage all to live into the imaginative limitlessness of our existence here, now.

I appreciate co-creating new realities, partnering on collective risks, and blurring the edges of prevailing paradigms. I am adept at establishing collaborative foundations, guiding transformation, listening, forging connections, and co-creating what is needed to move us forward into the next chapter of our collective story.​

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A little about me...

Turning it all into purpose.

A gender non-conforming, queer, interracial orphan, I was raised in foster care until I was adopted at age 4. As an adult, I now understand the complex effects of what some call "relinquishment" trauma and can safely explore and unravel the consequences of being separated from my "tribe" as an infant.

And yet, my experiences, struggles for acceptance, access, and opportunity have graced me with the empathetic and non-binary lens that helps me cultivate space for myself, my family, and community members in need. I aspire to move from what is to what if - through daily practice, cultivating relationships with all.
I look to the earth.

There is so much abundance, diversity, and beauty! So much to learn from our elders; The earth, plants, animals, and the entire ecosystem. Most are much older and wiser than any modern-day "expert" who seems to only focus on the scarcity, division, power, and mess!

Gathering all the pieces. 
When looking inward, I question all my beliefs and try to remain curious about yours. Ultimately making space for both as we must live in this mystery together.
A creator.

I work alongside tremendously gifted and authentic people. I have gathered many gifts and survived in the most toxic environments. Creation emerges from destruction, and I believe that the only thing we can truly rely on is change...

So how am I meeting change today?

I want to learn more. I will remain curious and instinctual. I will continue to grow from my experiences and live into the future I envision today.

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Today, I am walking towards aspects of myself in a new way. I define my worth and capacity and embrace my birthright to live, learn and prosper. I free myself from the constraints of my mind and invite others to join me!


Reporting to the CEO and working in the service of the Accion in the US member lending offices, managing the Modernization Project. Lead an enthusiastic team of product, analytics, software development, and multiple partnerships.


Reporting to the VP of Operations, manage all complex CMS projects for (NBCUniversal), the largest content-driven community for women online reaching thirty+ million unique visitors per month. Owning and driving a five million portfolio consisting of revenue-boosting initiatives.


Reporting to the VP of Operations, responsible for online gaming product operations at Snackable Media, a digital content, and marketing company with sales of over one hundred and seventy million dollars annually. Supervise revenue assurance, performance analysis, vendor relations, fulfillment, and anti-fraud processes. Manage and support a team of eight to fifteen.


Reporting to the President, led restructuring for this high-security and loss-prevention company with sales of over fifteen million dollars. Managed day-to-day operations, including manufacturing, marketing, technical support, and OEM activities. Implemented a company-wide ERP system which helped to increase sales by one million dollars and profit by twenty percent. End-users included N.Y.C Transit, Rite-Aid, CVS and Port Authority. Managed team of fifteen.

Graphic designer, web developer, general contractor, business owner


Ant herder, explorer, miner, scientist, botanist, anthropologist, astronaut, chemist, doctor, lawyer, superhero, space explorer, dinosaur tamer, builder, time traveler, soloist, artist, dreamer, writer, sailor, child.

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